A Month And A Half

I have been thinking lately I really need to get a blog post up, it’s been so long.  I was thinking 3 weeks was the last time I posted.  No, how about a month and a half.  In that time my blog anniversary came and went,  one year.  Time really has flown by.  WOW is all I have to say. In this next year let’s hope I can and will post more often. I haven’t been just sitting around I promise you.  I have been busy.  What have I been doing, you ask  well, I’ll tell you, even if you weren’t wondering.

At the end of October I finished my Chios level 1 energy healing (I’m working on level 2 now). I also became an Energy Healing Practitioner.  Working towards healing myself and others with energy.  It has been quite a beautiful journey and experience. 

I went hiking with one of my daughters.  I always enjoy getting out in nature. This is at Red Rock. 

 In mid November I spent 4 days going to a conference for my day job.  I am a Certified Ophthalmic Technician.  I got all my continuing education credits done so I can renew my certifications next year.  

This weekend I have been working on and finishing up two custom crochet mermaid tail blankets.   

 I will post pictures of the final product when I’m done.  I love them, they are so much fun. 

I have been making beads and a little bit of jewelry as well.

Quite a wordy post not too many pictures.  Just been busy.

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Last week I saw a post on my Facebook for someone to make a mermaid blanket.  I instantly fell in love.  Bought the pattern off of Ravelry.  She has wonderful patterns.  Hoping to get a few more.  In the meantime I think I’ll make some more mermaid blankets.   


Blanket Done

Did I get it done before the baby was born, yes. Has the mom gotten it yet, no.  I have only seen her once since the baby was born and I was at work. Hopefully she will get it soon.  It’s not really needed anymore since we are having 90 degree weather here in Las Vegas.


I love how this turned out.  I will be making this blanket again.

Crochet month is almost over.  I was hoping to get one more crochet project done this month but I had more going on.  You will see in some upcoming posts.

As the month passes me by

I got a job offer in Dallas, and I’m considering going. After living in Las Vegas for the past 17 years, I just may go.  It’s a big decision for me and my family.  Dallas looks like a beautiful city. I will keep you posted. 

Crochet month in full effect.  I finished the main part of blanket and noemi starting on the edging. I love how quickly and easily this has worked up.  

Onto my jewelry progress.  I have gotten so much done this weekend.  I started new projects and finished up others I started a couple of weeks ago. Here is a pair of earrings I finished and some copper hearts.  I think these will turn into earrings as well.  

National Crochet Month

I just found out this morning that March is National Crochet Month. All these years I never new. I know now and to celebrate this I’m going to share with you the baby blanket that I am working on. I got the pattern for this beautiful blanket here. Instead of starting with a chain of 62, I wanted the blanket a little bigger so I started with a chain of 92. I love the ease of this pattern. I can’t wait to show you the finished blanket with the boarder.


As I grow my gray out I’ve had some strange looks and funny comments while at work. My favorite was, “what in the heck did you do to your hair? I looks….interesting”. Lol. I’m happy with how it’s coming along. I have just one more cut to go and all my hair will be natural. I have gone shorter than I wanted, but I like it, it’s fun, funky, and pretty easy to take care of.
Here’s my progress.



How big is your biggest hook?

I’m usually not one to go for an impulse buy, unless it’s on sale or clearance. Okay so I do impulse buy. But today my buy was really unexpected. So I’m perusing the yarn isles at the craft store looking for yarn for a blanket. I think I went up and down those two isles at least 5 times. Looking for the right yarn, and the right color. Making sure they had enough skeins in the same dye lot. I know you’ve been there. Then it caught my eye. How did I miss this the last 4 times I went down this isle. There it was, a huge wooden crochet hook. What? Where has this been my crocheting life? These really exist? How could I have never seen this before? I had to have it. What would I use it for? What will I make with it? Who knows…just buy it. I still have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it’s all mine.
Anybody out there have a 19mm or bigger hook? Tell me, show me what you’ve done.
This is it next to my Q hook.

I wanted to share a recipe with you as well. I found this roast recipe on Pinterest. I made it a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely wonderful. It takes an inexpensive cut of meat and cooks it at a low temperature for several hours. What you get is a tender juicy roast. Here is mine after it was done.

It was easy, and made enough for several meals. If you try it let me know how you enjoyed it.

Arm knitting a blanket, it didn’t work

I’ve seen these wonderfully comfy cozy arm knit blankets all over Pinterest. Here is one example. I felt like I could just wrap myself in it with a cup of cocoa and watch some movies.
Friday night I went and picked out my yarn, and started working on it.

As I worked I could not wait to wrap it around me.
Disappointment set in when I finished. It’s not a blanket, it’s a net, for a fisherman.

When I put it over me one arm went through a hole and my freezing feet went through another. I was not even close to feeling warmer.

I started to rip I out and now am crocheting with a Q hook another warmer blanket. I have a lot of this yarn. Maybe I’ll give a arm knit scarf a try.


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