A Month And A Half

I have been thinking lately I really need to get a blog post up, it’s been so long.  I was thinking 3 weeks was the last time I posted.  No, how about a month and a half.  In that time my blog anniversary came and went,  one year.  Time really has flown by.  WOW is all I have to say. In this next year let’s hope I can and will post more often. I haven’t been just sitting around I promise you.  I have been busy.  What have I been doing, you ask  well, I’ll tell you, even if you weren’t wondering.

At the end of October I finished my Chios level 1 energy healing (I’m working on level 2 now). I also became an Energy Healing Practitioner.  Working towards healing myself and others with energy.  It has been quite a beautiful journey and experience. 

I went hiking with one of my daughters.  I always enjoy getting out in nature. This is at Red Rock. 

 In mid November I spent 4 days going to a conference for my day job.  I am a Certified Ophthalmic Technician.  I got all my continuing education credits done so I can renew my certifications next year.  

This weekend I have been working on and finishing up two custom crochet mermaid tail blankets.   

 I will post pictures of the final product when I’m done.  I love them, they are so much fun. 

I have been making beads and a little bit of jewelry as well.

Quite a wordy post not too many pictures.  Just been busy.

It’s Taken Years

The meditation space in my room is pretty much complete.  In an earlier post I had showed you this beautiful glass Buddha head that I had recently purchased.  In that time I have acquired more items and found some I thought I had lost.  Some I forgot about and others were given to me.  What I thought was going to be a small table in a corner turned out to be a whole wall, and I just love it.  

In this picture is old and new. The drawers I found while I was out and about one day. I really didn’t have a purpose for it, I just knew I had to have it. The singing bowl I have had for years, love the sound that comes from it. 
 My mom had sent me some things a few months back that she thought I could use in my little area.  Use I did, the bells and that happy Buddha are right at home. 

   I got rid of my TV (great decision) and created this space.  Just looking at it brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes I will pick something up and ponder.  Inner peace here I come.

Fresh Air And Rain

I have been working on expanding my backpacking starter kit.  First I went to REI during their garage sale to see what bargains I could find.  

 By the time I had the chance to get in things had been pretty picked over.  I did find a smaller pack, to start out with.  It’s a little smaller than I was looking for but I can always get another.  

I also did a bit of shopping online too.  I found a tent and a sleeping bag, for both it was under 80 dollars.  These things are just getting me started on my journey to backpacking.

I finally had some time off of work and wanted to see how some of my stuff that I just bought would do.  My oldest daughter and I had two days off and decided to get away but still remain close to home. My two youngest decided they too wanted to camp.  So up to Mt. Charleston we went right after the 4th of July. We packed my car to the brim and off we went.  Mt. Charleston is a wonderful get away from the Vegas heat in the summer. Many locals go up there to beat the heat.  I didn’t realize at the time we went it was going to be raining during the two days  we were up there. There was some sunshine, but there was definitely more clouds, and rain.

   We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits.  We would hunker down in our tents, wait the rain out and gather around the fire which stayed lit even through the rains.  The tent stayed dry during every downpour. My tent is the smaller orange one in the second picture. We even saw hail a couple of times as well. 


  It wasn’t quite what we had planned, but we had fun, laughed, played games, and worked together to keep the fire going. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  

I forgot how much I enjoyed getting away and taking deep breaths of fresh air. I think I might go back in a couple of weeks. 

Working towards inner peace

I keep myself pretty busy and all the while I occasionally forget to stop and smell the roses, or take time for me.  I started this blog to tell stories of my life, creativity, food, and whatever else happens to be going on.  Instead I get busy, tired, and I forget to do little things, like blog, make jewelry, or beads. I  try to make sure everyone else in my life is taken care of and happy, or at least healthy.  Ah, the life of a working mom, or any mom for that matter.  Now, my kids are older, can take care of themselves so my entire life does not revolve completely around them (lol, yeah right).  I am taking time, space, and effort for me, just me.  To see if I can find some of my inner peace.

One of the things I am working on to do this  is a meditation space, somewhere in the  house.  I have lots of stuff (working towards clearing out the non essential  stuff a.k.a clutter) and not enough space.  I figured finding the clam meditation stuff  was going to be super easy. A few candles, something to sit on, something to focus on, and boom, instant meditation space.   Not quite.  

What I have discovered is, if I want to truly make my space for me I have to find things that “speak” to me. Not buying more stuff to fill more space into my already cluttered home. This too is part of the my journey.

I have been looking for a Buddha statue of some sort for the past few months.  I figured it would be a fairly  easy task seeing how there are Buddha figurines everywhere. I found really cool ones all the time when I wasn’t looking for one. As I searched I found never one that I wanted. Then yesterday I found it!  I saw and knew it was for me.  It was made in Spain and made of recycled glass.   

I still don’t know where my space will be, but now, I’m one step closer.  

Valentine’s has come and gone again

I finally got a small break at work this past week one of my doctors was on vacation. I was able to catch up on some training, paperwork, and take a deep breath here and there. That was to prepare me for this week coming up. We have patients double and triple booked all week plus we are down two techs. I’ve been trying to not think about it at all this weekend. Glad that this has been a three day weekend.
This year I have completely embraced being single and truly enjoying it. For my Valentine’s Day present I got myself this
Vivienne McMaster’s, Be Your Own Beloved. Is that not the best present I could have given myself?
Ever since I heard and saw about this on Pintrest. I have been enjoying this class so far and am looking forward to the next few weeks. I am doing the class with a great group of super supportive people and love it so far.
I also went on a hike to Red Rock Canyon with a group of amazing women.



To top it all off went out for dinner and a couple of drinks.
I had a wonderful day and truly enjoyed myself.
Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, I got my tattoo finished. I love it. What do you think?


My weekly post

I told myself, and you, I wanted to post at least once a week in February. Here I am, 11:30 Sunday night putting together my post.
I went back to the Wetlands Park and just wandered around. I bird watched, listened to the wind through the reeds, took many deep breaths, and even got a bit of sunburn. The weather here in Las Vegas has just been incredibly warm and beautiful.



I’ve been frustrated the past couple of weeks with my hair and going gray. This in between stuff (at least for me) is the worst. My short hair still kinda covers the gray , but you can see the gray underneath. I really feel that once I get all of the color out of my hair and really get the gray growing it will look great.
I was telling a coworker last week that I am growing out my gray. She said, oh, why would you do that?
I commented that I am ready to just be done with color and let my natural color shine. Her response…hmmmm well, if you don’t like it you can color over it. Lol. Don’t let others discourage you. Own it and love it. I’m trying to in my awkward growing out phase.



Whew, I made it

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and New Year. My new year was celebrated quietly at home.
I did think about my resolutions but decided to call them goals instead. Goals can be adjusted and modified as needed. My goal list is long but I will share 3 of them with you.
1. Have at least 3 jewelry designs and start selling them in my Etsy store Wish me luck. Been wanting to do this for years.
2. Blog, and keep up with it. This can be difficult, I tend to be a private person.
3. Declutter and organize. Yup, you now know one of my little secrets. I hold on to things that are just not necessary.

As I was strolling the pages of Pinterest. I saw this pin.. Check out this whole site, she has some great stuff there.
What a great idea. A word for the whole year. I looked through her list, she has some wonderful words. Me being me, I wanted something a little different. My word for the year is…BASK. Defined: To bask in something is to take it in, receive its warmth, or bathe in its goodness.
I will be basking in this year and all that it has to offer me.
So tell me, what’s your word or phrase for the year? I’d love to hear from you. Yes, YOU.

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