My Backpacking Starter Kit

Hiking is one of my favorite things to do.  There are many places around here in, and around Las Vegas to do that. I have decided to take that one step further and I’m going to start backpacking.  I need to get in better shape and of course I still have to make some major purchases like a pack, tent, sleeping bag to name a few. REI was having a big sale this past week and I bought a few things, very few.  I  am calling it my backpacking starter kit.
 I have a ways to go but the wheels are in motion.  My big goal, 2-3 years from now is to hike part of the PCT (pacific crest trail) for about 4-6 weeks.
Update on the possible move to Texas is, there is no update.  The wheels turn slow. 

Grayness Continues

Keeping up with this blog stuff is a tad more difficult than I had anticipated.  When I’m at work, at the store, or pinning , I think to myself I should blog about that, or this.  Then I get home and my life gets the best of me.  Fix dinner, clean up,  pin some more on Pintrest those boards, play a game or 15. Next thing I know it’s 11 and I have to get up at 530 am.  I’m not saying I don’t have the time, I’m saying when I have the time other things take priority, and not necessarily more important things.  Pinning, really?  Love to look at Pintrest, I get lost on Pintrest.  Anyway, then as I’m pinning away I think I haven’t blogged, I should blog.  You started this, let’s keep going, oh WAIT there’s a very berry cheesecake salad.  Cheesecake Salad!?! Blogging who? Blog what?  The struggle is real people.

Alright as the title states the grayness continues.  Now my hair is growing out  all those people who gave me their ideas on what I should do with my hair are saying, “you know I really wasn’t too sure about your hair,  but I like it looks good on you”.  I can say I really like how it looks and how it is turning out.  The best compliment to date was  from a 20 something, he looked right at me and said, “oh wow, I like your hair”. Thank you, young man.  Here is my growth so far.
The dates on those photos are the top one is January 6, exactly one month after I dyed my hair for the last time. The middle is March 20 and the bottom was May 22.   


My New Kiln

I have been wanting a new kiln for years, at least the last 10 for sure.  My original kiln I bought used from another bead maker about 14 years ago.  There is nothing wrong with it, I just needed an upgrade to a bigger, better kiln.  So of course I did my continuous research which led me to the kiln of my dreams. The kiln I had been eyeing (lusting after)  for the last 6 years is from  The Glass Hive. They are known for their high quality kilns, and fantastic customer service.  The biggest thing that set them apart for me was their layaway plan.  After paying for months on it, I finally paid it off and they started making MY kiln!  About two weeks ago it came.  I opened my box took a picture, removed some packing, took a picture.  You get the idea.  I took it out of the box and eyed my beautiful new kiln.  Then I noticed…a dent in the controller box housing.  Sadness.  I contacted the kiln makers and was told I could take the housing off and return it so they could fix it.  I was so sad,  I still hadn’t used it yet.  Off it went to get fixed up.  I got it back Saturday and by Sunday I put everything back together and started making my beads. 

 Let me just say,  I am not disappointed.  I LOVE this kiln. I would have to stop in the past because I ran out of room in the kiln.  This time I had to stop because I ran out of mandrels. Those are on order.

 This is about a days worth of work.  Wow, is all I can say.

Working towards inner peace

I keep myself pretty busy and all the while I occasionally forget to stop and smell the roses, or take time for me.  I started this blog to tell stories of my life, creativity, food, and whatever else happens to be going on.  Instead I get busy, tired, and I forget to do little things, like blog, make jewelry, or beads. I  try to make sure everyone else in my life is taken care of and happy, or at least healthy.  Ah, the life of a working mom, or any mom for that matter.  Now, my kids are older, can take care of themselves so my entire life does not revolve completely around them (lol, yeah right).  I am taking time, space, and effort for me, just me.  To see if I can find some of my inner peace.

One of the things I am working on to do this  is a meditation space, somewhere in the  house.  I have lots of stuff (working towards clearing out the non essential  stuff a.k.a clutter) and not enough space.  I figured finding the clam meditation stuff  was going to be super easy. A few candles, something to sit on, something to focus on, and boom, instant meditation space.   Not quite.  

What I have discovered is, if I want to truly make my space for me I have to find things that “speak” to me. Not buying more stuff to fill more space into my already cluttered home. This too is part of the my journey.

I have been looking for a Buddha statue of some sort for the past few months.  I figured it would be a fairly  easy task seeing how there are Buddha figurines everywhere. I found really cool ones all the time when I wasn’t looking for one. As I searched I found never one that I wanted. Then yesterday I found it!  I saw and knew it was for me.  It was made in Spain and made of recycled glass.   

I still don’t know where my space will be, but now, I’m one step closer.  

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