I Won A Prize

I came across a challenge that Wubbers having by accident, when I was cleaning out my email last week. Anything with sweet catches my eye, this was no exception. It was a sweet treat challenge. Being so new to jewely and designing I really haven’t put myself all the way out there. This would be a challenge to myself to actually submit something. I thought about it and realized that I had a perfect bracelet for the challenge.  It was one of the bracelets I had shared with you awhile back.  The beads on the bracelet looked like little candies with sprinkles on top.  I finished working on the bracelet, took some pictures, at the last minute, (of course) and submitted it. They made the announcement, and my bracelet photo was announcing the winners.  Wow, I couldn’t believe it. I know for some this is not a big deal,  but for me, being such a noob at making jewelry, this was/is a big deal. 

 Then to top it all off…I actually won something too.  So happy with the prize as well, what a “treat”, thank you Wubbers! 


A find and something found

I was outside this morning filling my bird feeder when man came by asking to put a sign out for his yard sale in front of my house.  I saw on his sign that he was selling tools.  I inquired what kinds of tools. Mostly power tools.  I said no I’m looking for hammers,  he said I don’t have a regular hammer but I do have a brass hammer.  How much?  $5.00.   SOLD!   When I went to pick up the hammer he told me he was 62 years old and the hammer was older than him.  Love this heavy hammer. What a find. As I walked home I found two pieces of copper wire I will be sure to use.   


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