I’m Not A Chocoholic 

No, really I’m not.  As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate it more, but I can honestly say I don’t crave it like some do.  Now,give me salted caramel anything, or cheesecake…I crave that.  

I took another wonderful cooking class called Chocolate Obsession.  On the menu to make: chocolate soufflĂ©, chocolate hazelnut biscotti, chocolate almond dragees, and Grand Marnier truffles.

We were shown how to make the chocolate soufflĂ© first.  It was very tastey, however too much chocolate for me. 

 Here we made the chocolate hazelnut biscotti. It’s not too sweet but at the end they tossed it in surg at which made from great presentation. This was really good even without the cup of coffee.

 Next up was the chocolate almond dragees.  Loved the process that it takes to make them. I will be making these at home. 

   Last the Grand Marnier truffles.  It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.  I loved the ones topped with the salt.  They were rich, chocolate bundles that just melted in your mouth.  These too will be made again. 

Macaron Madness

Today I took another cooking class.  This one was to learn how to make macarons.  This class was a was kind of a whim.  I wanted to take the class but wasn’t planning on taking to so soon.  You get an email that says 50% off select classes well, I just had to.  

I have never made or attempted to make a macaron before.  I have eaten them,  many, many, times.  Different flavors, super expensive ones, frozen ones.  Some were tasty, some ended up in the trash.  I loved the crunch of the outer part of the cookie, then the chewy part, and the creamy filling.  You get the idea,  I enjoy theses little bite sized cookies.

Anyway, I took the class, learned how to make them.  Oh boy they are better than I have bought or tried.  I will be making more in the near future, after I make a batch of criossants, after I get that Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve had my eye on. 


Valentine’s has come and gone again

I finally got a small break at work this past week one of my doctors was on vacation. I was able to catch up on some training, paperwork, and take a deep breath here and there. That was to prepare me for this week coming up. We have patients double and triple booked all week plus we are down two techs. I’ve been trying to not think about it at all this weekend. Glad that this has been a three day weekend.
This year I have completely embraced being single and truly enjoying it. For my Valentine’s Day present I got myself this
Vivienne McMaster’s, Be Your Own Beloved. Is that not the best present I could have given myself?
Ever since I heard and saw about this on Pintrest. I have been enjoying this class so far and am looking forward to the next few weeks. I am doing the class with a great group of super supportive people and love it so far.
I also went on a hike to Red Rock Canyon with a group of amazing women.



To top it all off went out for dinner and a couple of drinks.
I had a wonderful day and truly enjoyed myself.
Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, I got my tattoo finished. I love it. What do you think?


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