As Promised 

Last post I showed you my earrings in progress.  Here are some of the finished products.  Still working on new designs.  What do you think so far?  So you have a favorite?

The sheet music  in some of the earrings was sent to me by my mother.  It makes beautiful earrings doesn’t it? 



More Than One Pair

I have been trying to see if I can do mass producing, well producing more than just one pair of earrings at a time (or any piece of jewelry) and come up with new designs. Last weekend I gave myself that challenge. I feel that it was very successful. Here are my works in progress. 


Finished earrings to follow.

I Won A Prize

I came across a challenge that Wubbers having by accident, when I was cleaning out my email last week. Anything with sweet catches my eye, this was no exception. It was a sweet treat challenge. Being so new to jewely and designing I really haven’t put myself all the way out there. This would be a challenge to myself to actually submit something. I thought about it and realized that I had a perfect bracelet for the challenge.  It was one of the bracelets I had shared with you awhile back.  The beads on the bracelet looked like little candies with sprinkles on top.  I finished working on the bracelet, took some pictures, at the last minute, (of course) and submitted it. They made the announcement, and my bracelet photo was announcing the winners.  Wow, I couldn’t believe it. I know for some this is not a big deal,  but for me, being such a noob at making jewelry, this was/is a big deal. 

 Then to top it all off…I actually won something too.  So happy with the prize as well, what a “treat”, thank you Wubbers! 


Work In Progress

Some times, I feel the more I try to get ahead the farther I fall behind, in everything.  Housework, laundry, making beads, making jewelry, sleeping,  you get the idea.  I have these good intentions.  I want to get A, B, C, done today.  I start in on A get side tracked, start working on another project that wasn’t even on my list for today, go off and start something that was not even on my radar to get done, the next thing you know it’s bedtime and my list? Well… I’m too tired to think about that.

This weekend I felt really accomplished when I took my list of things to do and FINISHED it.  Make more beads, check.  Order new business cards, check.  Get laundry done, check. Start making more bracelets, CHECK.  The last one is the one I feel most accomplished with.  

So here for your viewing pleasure and my bracelets in progress. 


I lost a couple of beads in the process, all in all I really think these turned out wonderful.  I still have to finish them up, then off to Etsy they go.

So what do you think?

The Muse Is At Work

I have been working on a collection of jewelry called the muse.  I’m slowly finding my style as I go.  My main goal is to design jewelry that will incorporate my beads in the designs. So far…I’m getting there.

The beads move freely back and forth along on the bracelet.

Muse-an instance or period of reflection.
Listen to the beads

Feel the movement/vibration

See the colors

Take in this moment, now

This is my wish for you.

 I will have pendants and earrings as well, as soon as I can move the ideas in my head to my work bench.  For now this is my beginning.

The listing for this bracelet can be found here.

Since getting my new kiln I have been able to make many beads.  I’m truly loving freedom I never had before.  Here are a few of the sets I’ve been working on. 


My New Kiln

I have been wanting a new kiln for years, at least the last 10 for sure.  My original kiln I bought used from another bead maker about 14 years ago.  There is nothing wrong with it, I just needed an upgrade to a bigger, better kiln.  So of course I did my continuous research which led me to the kiln of my dreams. The kiln I had been eyeing (lusting after)  for the last 6 years is from  The Glass Hive. They are known for their high quality kilns, and fantastic customer service.  The biggest thing that set them apart for me was their layaway plan.  After paying for months on it, I finally paid it off and they started making MY kiln!  About two weeks ago it came.  I opened my box took a picture, removed some packing, took a picture.  You get the idea.  I took it out of the box and eyed my beautiful new kiln.  Then I noticed…a dent in the controller box housing.  Sadness.  I contacted the kiln makers and was told I could take the housing off and return it so they could fix it.  I was so sad,  I still hadn’t used it yet.  Off it went to get fixed up.  I got it back Saturday and by Sunday I put everything back together and started making my beads. 

 Let me just say,  I am not disappointed.  I LOVE this kiln. I would have to stop in the past because I ran out of room in the kiln.  This time I had to stop because I ran out of mandrels. Those are on order.

 This is about a days worth of work.  Wow, is all I can say.

A find and something found

I was outside this morning filling my bird feeder when man came by asking to put a sign out for his yard sale in front of my house.  I saw on his sign that he was selling tools.  I inquired what kinds of tools. Mostly power tools.  I said no I’m looking for hammers,  he said I don’t have a regular hammer but I do have a brass hammer.  How much?  $5.00.   SOLD!   When I went to pick up the hammer he told me he was 62 years old and the hammer was older than him.  Love this heavy hammer. What a find. As I walked home I found two pieces of copper wire I will be sure to use.   


Am I Ever Going To Find My Style?

I have spent several months trying to learn a few skills and work towards making and designing my own jewelry. I want to be able to incorporate my beads into my jewelry as well. There have been a few successes, and more than I’d like to mention failures. All the while I’m experimenting I think to myself,  is this my design or does it look like a copy of someone else?  Did I put my own flare into it?  Will somebody else like this AND be willing to put their hard earned money to buy this?  My last thought in all of this is, can I make more than the two or three I just made?  The last one is important, I struggle with making more than one or two of anything.  Beads, make one set move on to the next color.  Food,  trying a new recipe,  really like it, never fix it again.  Jewelry, make a pair of earrings, love them, keep them, move on to next design. Today, I feel like I am actually getting somewhere. I made 4 sets of earrings, two pendants, they are semi-original, and I think I can keep making both of these things. These I’m keeping all for myself, earrings and a pendant.   


Words and Earrings

I purchased a tutorial on Etsy to make paddle pin earrings.  Link to the tutorial is here. I liked the concept of the earrings, books/words and my beads. Tell me how you like them.



I’m looking forward to making many more. 

It’s a dirty job


I played/worked this past weekend.  I have been trying  to find time to work on my jewelry when ever I can.  I worked, hammered, torched for 4 hours out in my garage.  I feel like I’m improving, but I still have so much to learn.  

Here is a few finished earrings that you have seen in progress.


I like seeing asymmetrical designs and yet I struggle to make my own.  I think these turned out great. 


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