A find and something found

I was outside this morning filling my bird feeder when man came by asking to put a sign out for his yard sale in front of my house.  I saw on his sign that he was selling tools.  I inquired what kinds of tools. Mostly power tools.  I said no I’m looking for hammers,  he said I don’t have a regular hammer but I do have a brass hammer.  How much?  $5.00.   SOLD!   When I went to pick up the hammer he told me he was 62 years old and the hammer was older than him.  Love this heavy hammer. What a find. As I walked home I found two pieces of copper wire I will be sure to use.   


Am I Ever Going To Find My Style?

I have spent several months trying to learn a few skills and work towards making and designing my own jewelry. I want to be able to incorporate my beads into my jewelry as well. There have been a few successes, and more than I’d like to mention failures. All the while I’m experimenting I think to myself,  is this my design or does it look like a copy of someone else?  Did I put my own flare into it?  Will somebody else like this AND be willing to put their hard earned money to buy this?  My last thought in all of this is, can I make more than the two or three I just made?  The last one is important, I struggle with making more than one or two of anything.  Beads, make one set move on to the next color.  Food,  trying a new recipe,  really like it, never fix it again.  Jewelry, make a pair of earrings, love them, keep them, move on to next design. Today, I feel like I am actually getting somewhere. I made 4 sets of earrings, two pendants, they are semi-original, and I think I can keep making both of these things. These I’m keeping all for myself, earrings and a pendant.   


Words and Earrings

I purchased a tutorial on Etsy to make paddle pin earrings.  Link to the tutorial is here. I liked the concept of the earrings, books/words and my beads. Tell me how you like them.



I’m looking forward to making many more. 

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