Macaron Madness

Today I took another cooking class.  This one was to learn how to make macarons.  This class was a was kind of a whim.  I wanted to take the class but wasn’t planning on taking to so soon.  You get an email that says 50% off select classes well, I just had to.  

I have never made or attempted to make a macaron before.  I have eaten them,  many, many, times.  Different flavors, super expensive ones, frozen ones.  Some were tasty, some ended up in the trash.  I loved the crunch of the outer part of the cookie, then the chewy part, and the creamy filling.  You get the idea,  I enjoy theses little bite sized cookies.

Anyway, I took the class, learned how to make them.  Oh boy they are better than I have bought or tried.  I will be making more in the near future, after I make a batch of criossants, after I get that Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve had my eye on. 


Work In Progress

Some times, I feel the more I try to get ahead the farther I fall behind, in everything.  Housework, laundry, making beads, making jewelry, sleeping,  you get the idea.  I have these good intentions.  I want to get A, B, C, done today.  I start in on A get side tracked, start working on another project that wasn’t even on my list for today, go off and start something that was not even on my radar to get done, the next thing you know it’s bedtime and my list? Well… I’m too tired to think about that.

This weekend I felt really accomplished when I took my list of things to do and FINISHED it.  Make more beads, check.  Order new business cards, check.  Get laundry done, check. Start making more bracelets, CHECK.  The last one is the one I feel most accomplished with.  

So here for your viewing pleasure and my bracelets in progress. 


I lost a couple of beads in the process, all in all I really think these turned out wonderful.  I still have to finish them up, then off to Etsy they go.

So what do you think?

The Muse Is At Work

I have been working on a collection of jewelry called the muse.  I’m slowly finding my style as I go.  My main goal is to design jewelry that will incorporate my beads in the designs. So far…I’m getting there.

The beads move freely back and forth along on the bracelet.

Muse-an instance or period of reflection.
Listen to the beads

Feel the movement/vibration

See the colors

Take in this moment, now

This is my wish for you.

 I will have pendants and earrings as well, as soon as I can move the ideas in my head to my work bench.  For now this is my beginning.

The listing for this bracelet can be found here.

Since getting my new kiln I have been able to make many beads.  I’m truly loving freedom I never had before.  Here are a few of the sets I’ve been working on. 


Last Saturday Fun

My daughter (Sam) and I took a cooking class together at Sur la Table.  A croissant workshop to be exact.  Oh the fun we had.  I can cook with the best of them, I truly enjoy cooking, baking on the other hand seems so much more difficult.  We started out making cinnamon rolls with croissant dough.

  Then we made croissants. We learned how to roll the dough, fold the dough,  temperature of the dough, and not to be too impatient.
 We followed all that up with chocolate croissants.

  Then we got to take all the goodies home!  Such a fun class, and very educational.  Looking forward to taking another class with them again soon. 

There is more to Las Vegas than casinos

I love to get out every once and awhile and go hiking.  One of my favorite places to go is up to Red Rock Canyon. If you don’t like to hike but want to hike you can drive around the 13 mile loop.  For those of you who want to get out and explore there are many hiking trails out there that range from easy to strenuous and short to longer hikes.  Today I went out with two of my kids and had a wonderful time. I enjoyed nature and was able to start breaking in my new hiking shoes, which I love by the way.  I just want to share with you some of the wildlife and beauty that was on the trail we went on today.  


On a side note. I will not be moving to Dallas, TX anytime soon.  The job I wanted wants to give me the same amount of money I make at my current job. Um, no thanks, I want to move up to better things not make lateral moves and uproot my family.

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