Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Last week I saw a post on my Facebook for someone to make a mermaid blanket.  I instantly fell in love.  Bought the pattern off of Ravelry.  She has wonderful patterns.  Hoping to get a few more.  In the meantime I think I’ll make some more mermaid blankets.   


As Promised 

Last post I showed you my earrings in progress.  Here are some of the finished products.  Still working on new designs.  What do you think so far?  So you have a favorite?

The sheet music  in some of the earrings was sent to me by my mother.  It makes beautiful earrings doesn’t it? 



More Than One Pair

I have been trying to see if I can do mass producing, well producing more than just one pair of earrings at a time (or any piece of jewelry) and come up with new designs. Last weekend I gave myself that challenge. I feel that it was very successful. Here are my works in progress. 


Finished earrings to follow.

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