Whew, I made it

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and New Year. My new year was celebrated quietly at home.
I did think about my resolutions but decided to call them goals instead. Goals can be adjusted and modified as needed. My goal list is long but I will share 3 of them with you.
1. Have at least 3 jewelry designs and start selling them in my Etsy store Wish me luck. Been wanting to do this for years.
2. Blog, and keep up with it. This can be difficult, I tend to be a private person.
3. Declutter and organize. Yup, you now know one of my little secrets. I hold on to things that are just not necessary.

As I was strolling the pages of Pinterest. I saw this pin.. Check out this whole site, she has some great stuff there.
What a great idea. A word for the whole year. I looked through her list, she has some wonderful words. Me being me, I wanted something a little different. My word for the year is…BASK. Defined: To bask in something is to take it in, receive its warmth, or bathe in its goodness.
I will be basking in this year and all that it has to offer me.
So tell me, what’s your word or phrase for the year? I’d love to hear from you. Yes, YOU.

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