Work In Progress

Some times, I feel the more I try to get ahead the farther I fall behind, in everything.  Housework, laundry, making beads, making jewelry, sleeping,  you get the idea.  I have these good intentions.  I want to get A, B, C, done today.  I start in on A get side tracked, start working on another project that wasn’t even on my list for today, go off and start something that was not even on my radar to get done, the next thing you know it’s bedtime and my list? Well… I’m too tired to think about that.

This weekend I felt really accomplished when I took my list of things to do and FINISHED it.  Make more beads, check.  Order new business cards, check.  Get laundry done, check. Start making more bracelets, CHECK.  The last one is the one I feel most accomplished with.  

So here for your viewing pleasure and my bracelets in progress. 


I lost a couple of beads in the process, all in all I really think these turned out wonderful.  I still have to finish them up, then off to Etsy they go.

So what do you think?

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