Where Oh Where Are The Stars?

I love looking at stars at night.  The constellations, shooting stars, just looking up in the magical starry night is something I truly enjoy.  Last time I went camping up in the mountains, I got cloudy skies, lots of rain, no stars. 

Next camping trip, to go up to Cathedral Gorge, about 170 miles from Las Vegas and 100 miles from any city, there will be stars to be seen up there.

We (my two daughters, one of their best friends and I) got started  an hour and a half later than planned.  We got our rented car, packed it up and left.  About 90 outside of Vegas we start seeing greenery and water, and signs for camping.  You know we had to check out the campsites.  We were at the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. The campsites are at the upper lake.  Down the dirt road we go looking at the no fee campsites.  

What we found was water, wildlife, and serenity.  We found the perfect camp spot right next to the water.   With a view like this we had to stay the night.

  We watched the birds and dragonflies playing, fish coming to the surface of the lake, and a family of lizards that lived in a fallen tree right behind our campsite. 
As the sun set we took in the view and breathed in the fresh air and took in our little piece of serenity.

   As the sun went down the clouds started rolling in.  We started seeing lightening and hearing thunder far off in the distance. When the sun set completely Mother Nature gave us a a stunning light show, we sat in our chairs and watched.  Lots of lightening, no stars. 
There was one big draw back about this beautiful place.  It was right off the highway.  We heard every car, and truck coming and going, it did not make for a restful, peaceful night.  I was up at 4:30 in the morning, everyone else was up buy 5:00.  We ate breakfast, packed the car up and headed out to our original destination, Cathedral Gorge.  

The campsites are not really private but the park is well maintained and they have flush toilets and a clean shower. The park is beautiful and not busy.  When we  got there at 8:30, we were the only ones there. We found our spot, put up our tents, had a snack and went off on a 4 mile hike.  

We did get side tracked and went on another trail which led us up to Miller’s Outlook. Once we got back to the trail we went on to look at the “caves”.

You can’t get too far into the “caves”, after being out in the heat the temperature change was welcome.

That night more clouds rolled in, we got a little sprinkle but no real rain.  Again no stars, but we did watch an amazing moonrise.   

 The trip was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.  I’m not too sure I would got back to Cathedral Gorge, but I am glad I went at least once.


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