Macaron Madness

Today I took another cooking class.  This one was to learn how to make macarons.  This class was a was kind of a whim.  I wanted to take the class but wasn’t planning on taking to so soon.  You get an email that says 50% off select classes well, I just had to.  

I have never made or attempted to make a macaron before.  I have eaten them,  many, many, times.  Different flavors, super expensive ones, frozen ones.  Some were tasty, some ended up in the trash.  I loved the crunch of the outer part of the cookie, then the chewy part, and the creamy filling.  You get the idea,  I enjoy theses little bite sized cookies.

Anyway, I took the class, learned how to make them.  Oh boy they are better than I have bought or tried.  I will be making more in the near future, after I make a batch of criossants, after I get that Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve had my eye on. 


Last Saturday Fun

My daughter (Sam) and I took a cooking class together at Sur la Table.  A croissant workshop to be exact.  Oh the fun we had.  I can cook with the best of them, I truly enjoy cooking, baking on the other hand seems so much more difficult.  We started out making cinnamon rolls with croissant dough.

  Then we made croissants. We learned how to roll the dough, fold the dough,  temperature of the dough, and not to be too impatient.
 We followed all that up with chocolate croissants.

  Then we got to take all the goodies home!  Such a fun class, and very educational.  Looking forward to taking another class with them again soon. 

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