I saw a shared post on Facebook with an ad looking for extras for a Pepsi short film.  We would be filmed by a satellite going over Las Vegas at a certain time, and for our efforts we would receive a t-shirt, all the Pepsi, coconut water, and water we could drink, and two tickets to ride the High Roller.  It sounded interesting and fun, so why not.  

They have been doing shoots all over the world and Las Vegas was the last stop and the only shoot that was at night.

At 6:30 my daughter and I show up with our waivers in hand,  we get our wrist band, t-shirt, coconut water and wait. 

   Notice in this last picture I’m getting photo bombed.  So we set up the next shot and… 
 BOOM! Nailed it.

It got darker we were handed balloons with LED lights in them, got into place and waited. 

 At 9:03 p.m. the satellite was over head and we walked around an emoticon waving our balloons. 

 It was fun and interesting.  I’m looking forward to seeing the whole short film on the internet when it comes out in September. 

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