Fresh Air And Rain

I have been working on expanding my backpacking starter kit.  First I went to REI during their garage sale to see what bargains I could find.  

 By the time I had the chance to get in things had been pretty picked over.  I did find a smaller pack, to start out with.  It’s a little smaller than I was looking for but I can always get another.  

I also did a bit of shopping online too.  I found a tent and a sleeping bag, for both it was under 80 dollars.  These things are just getting me started on my journey to backpacking.

I finally had some time off of work and wanted to see how some of my stuff that I just bought would do.  My oldest daughter and I had two days off and decided to get away but still remain close to home. My two youngest decided they too wanted to camp.  So up to Mt. Charleston we went right after the 4th of July. We packed my car to the brim and off we went.  Mt. Charleston is a wonderful get away from the Vegas heat in the summer. Many locals go up there to beat the heat.  I didn’t realize at the time we went it was going to be raining during the two days  we were up there. There was some sunshine, but there was definitely more clouds, and rain.

   We didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits.  We would hunker down in our tents, wait the rain out and gather around the fire which stayed lit even through the rains.  The tent stayed dry during every downpour. My tent is the smaller orange one in the second picture. We even saw hail a couple of times as well. 


  It wasn’t quite what we had planned, but we had fun, laughed, played games, and worked together to keep the fire going. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  

I forgot how much I enjoyed getting away and taking deep breaths of fresh air. I think I might go back in a couple of weeks. 

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