My New Kiln

I have been wanting a new kiln for years, at least the last 10 for sure.  My original kiln I bought used from another bead maker about 14 years ago.  There is nothing wrong with it, I just needed an upgrade to a bigger, better kiln.  So of course I did my continuous research which led me to the kiln of my dreams. The kiln I had been eyeing (lusting after)  for the last 6 years is from  The Glass Hive. They are known for their high quality kilns, and fantastic customer service.  The biggest thing that set them apart for me was their layaway plan.  After paying for months on it, I finally paid it off and they started making MY kiln!  About two weeks ago it came.  I opened my box took a picture, removed some packing, took a picture.  You get the idea.  I took it out of the box and eyed my beautiful new kiln.  Then I noticed…a dent in the controller box housing.  Sadness.  I contacted the kiln makers and was told I could take the housing off and return it so they could fix it.  I was so sad,  I still hadn’t used it yet.  Off it went to get fixed up.  I got it back Saturday and by Sunday I put everything back together and started making my beads. 

 Let me just say,  I am not disappointed.  I LOVE this kiln. I would have to stop in the past because I ran out of room in the kiln.  This time I had to stop because I ran out of mandrels. Those are on order.

 This is about a days worth of work.  Wow, is all I can say.

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